Cleanliness and hygiene is very important to us.

Our house is not only cleaned regularly, but also subjected to basic cleaning.
Professional products are used for maintenance cleaning, whirlpool cleaning & disinfection.

Our house:

is regularly cleaned and disinfected on all premises
has in each room disinfectant hand dispensers
only uses fresh, scoured towels & linens
we check after every booking
Hygiene and cleaning are in the first place in the houses.
The plants are kept clean by means of a hygiene plan.
Professional cleaning and disinfecting agents are used for this,
as they are also used in hospitals and swimming pools.
We source our contraceptives and hygiene products from specialist retailers
The women pay attention to their health.
Health checks and regular examinations by medical specialists are standard.
In the Professional Association Sexual Services (BSD eV) we are committed to a broad professionalism in the industry.We support the Specialist Counseling Center P.I.N.K. and work closely with them.
If you still have questions about hygiene, you are welcome to contact us.

We are certified by the Federal Association of Sexual Services (BSD) and approved by the Freiburg Authority according to Section 12 Prostitute Protection Act.

Partners & Suppliers: